Ecologically consequent
by conviction

Ecology is close to our heart and technology is our passion. Together, they determine the way we act in the Ritter Gruppe. And this has been the case since the company was first established in 1988. We think and work in an ecologically consequent manner, i. e. "ecoquent", and develop our products accordingly.

This philosophy makes us one of the most innovative companies in the solar thermal energy sector - a fact which is also impressively indicated by our new high-performance AQUA PLASMA collector. And this explains our international success. The Ritter Gruppe is already present in several countries. We offer highly efficient and innovative solutions for ecological heating, water heating and process heat.

Our systems can be easily integrated and extended in existing systems. This means that they not only represent a first choice for owners of single-family homes or apartment buildings, but also for industrial companies with complex requirements. Our customers include renowned companies in the heating industry who we supply with our vacuum tube collectors as leading collector manufacturer.

And because we are really serious about environmental protection, we are working towards becoming the first CO2-neutral heating company in the world. The first calculations of our carbon footprint indicate that we can achieve this goal in the near future. And not, like many other companies, by buying the corresponding certificates, but rather exclusively on the basis of our "ecoquent" business model. Our new AQUA PLASMA collector saves 688 kilos / 1,517 pounds of carbon dioxide (CO2) per year during water heating when compared to a gas-condensing system. With an average collector life time of 25 years, this is equal to 13.8 tonnes/ 30,424 pounds of CO2.

These results are an incentive for us to strive towards even more innovation: for our customers and for the sake of the environment.

production for vacuum tube collectors in Dettenhausen
production for vacuum tube collectors in Dettenhausen