• Hail safe and thermal shock tested.
  • The heat transfer medium flows through the collector without the use of a heat exchanger.
  • The hydraulic connections of the collector are extremely safe. They are ade of a long-lasting, metallic sealing which is free from wear and gas-tight.
  • Large collector area up to 13 m² can be connected in series (less pressure loss; requires a 6m pump).
  • The whole collector construction is fully recyclable.

Easy to assembly

  • Short assembly time through preassembled collectors and user-friendly mounting kits.
  • Easy connection method for add-on collectors through preassembled connection fittings. No additional piping or insulation is required.
  • Flexible hydraulic connection due to the symmetrical collector design: the sensor can be placed on the left or on the right side.
  • Optional location of the flow and return connection at both sides of the ollector.
  • Safe handling: the collectors edges are fitted with plastic profiles and the edges of the CPC reflector are mounted in the aluminium frame to avoid injuries during installation.
  • The collector is delivered with a sun protection foil to allow commissioning even at full sunlight.
  • Carrying straps attached to the collector ensure a save and easy handling on the roof and can be used as transport straps for a crane as well.
  • The absence of a CPC reflector makes the collector OEM 21 perfectly suitable for a horizontal installation.


Easy to service

  • Easy and fast replacement of the tubes and of the CPC reflector without using tools and even without draining the system.
  • Due to the dry connection, it is not necessary to drain the system in order to replace a tube.
  • Simple and homogeneous recycling of the individual components.



  • Extremely high energy yield with a small collector gross area.
  • Minimal heat losses even with very cold ambient temperature and high collector temperature.
  • Long service life and high series quality.
  • High operation security and long life service due to the use of high quality and anti-corrosion materials.
  • High operation safety due to the dry connection of the tubes to the solar circuit.