Ecological heating systems

The Ritter Gruppe provides complete system solutions for solar heating, wood pellet and condensing gas systems through Paradigma, a pioneer in ecological heating systems. Paradigma´s philosophy focuses on the regenerative heating technology for single-familiy homes and semidetached houses. Its top priority: maximum redution of pollutants with optimal utilisation of renewable energy sources.

Solar heating systems

Paradigma solar heating systems provide the best way of effectively using solar energy for water heating and heating support. All system components are coordinated with each other in such a manner that solar energy can be used over the whole year, even during cold seasons and cloudy days. Paradigma solar heating systems have been awarded the Bundespreis 2006 (German Federal Award) for outstanding innovative craftmanship, is particularly suited to allow simple connection to existing heating installations. Existing components such as hot water storage tank can be further used and only the solar controller and the solar station should be installed.

Wood pellet systems

Wood pellet systems
Wood pellet systems

A one-stop shop - this is the major advantage of Paradigma wood pellet systems. From the boiler to the heating controller and storage tank, all system components are manufactured in-house and can be therefore perfectly combined with each other, for example, with a Paradigma hot water storage tank and a solar heating system. Wood pellets are an ideal ecological heating material. Instead of being discarded as waste, they are used in a wise manner. Combustion produces no sulphur at all, and only the amount of CO2 which the tree had previously extracted from the environment while growing is released. Furthermore, wood is a regenerative, and thus a renewable energy source.

Condensing gas boiler systems

Condensing gas technology belongs to the most effective and energy-saving forms of heating. More and more households are using gas heting systems from Paradigma and consider Paradigma as one of the leaders in this technology. Paradigma condensing gas technolgy automatically adjust itself to its heating demand. Continuos, automatical, fast. Paradigma gas heating systems significantly reduce CO2 emissions and other harmful pollutants over the entire output range.  Moreover, Paradigma condensing gas boilers are perfectly compatible with Paradigma solar heating systems, working even more efficiently and environmentally friendly.


Paradigma gives high importance to partnership with installers. The partner programme implemented by Paradigma has become a trademark. Close cooperation with installers is one of the most important requirements for the implementation of the company´s philosophy. In Germany, more than 900 installers currently participate in the partner programme.