Large-scale solar systems

Given that the application of ecological heating systems in private dwellings continues to gain higher significance, their application for larger units is, as a matter of fact, becoming more relevant.

Besides the important ecological aspects, solar large-scale installations (gross surface > 30 m²) provide a good return. Amortisation periods are often within 10 years, their lifetime beyond 20 years, while the attainable energy price is about 5 Euro cents or less.

High potential

An Ritter XL Solar installation is already a good installation:

  • It is an excellent financial investment
  • It is an extremelly high-technological installation
  • It increases the value of the property
  • It is highly profitable after the amortisation period

Areas of application

Ritter XL Solar installations can be implemented in different areas:

  1. Hot water generation
  2. Hot water generation and heating support
  3. Process heating

Sales and distribution

In order to meet international requirements for the conceptual design, planning and development of solar thermal large-scale installations, the company Ritter XL Solar GmbH was established in 2010.

Target groups

Breweries, food processing industry, big car washing sites, galvanisation plants, paint shops, cold storage sites, hospitals, barracks, hotels, recreational facilities, etc.


By now, more than 200 XL Solar projects have been developed worldwide by the Ritter Gruppe. The most well-known XL Solar reference is the currently largest evacuated-tube collector solar system in Europe with 3.400 m² gross collector area, installed in Wels, Austria.